Viking 26” or 29”


Highly efficient, strong and resistant WheelSet with aluminium spokes directly attached into the hub, this offers maximum performance and dynamics for racing, as well as for sport or recreation riding.
Their action, design and range of available colour treatments give these wheels a special look.


Al alloy spokes RX 4500, hubs for straight setting Al spokes, Al nipples with large surface adjustable 5.5mm key. Hub with industrial bearings for direct installation Aluminium spokes.

Quick releases.

Weight of front :55 g, Weight of rear:60g.
Weight of pair:115g
MTB DISC 26” or 29”
Aluminium spokes RX4500/Aluminium spokes with large seating area/Aluminium hubs with industrial bearings for direct instalation of Aluminium spokes.

Dimension: MTB 26” or 29”
Front 24 spokes, weight 755g
Rear 24 spokes, weight 925g
Weight of pair: 1680g