RTX 28 Tubular - Red & Black


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High efficiency tubular wheels for dynamic ride with high acceleration in ascent(rise,climb) and starting.
Wheels are designed for road racing cycling and cyclocross.
Softly machined braking surfaces provides very efficiency
and continuous braking.


- Aluminium Aero spokes RX 4500, strength over 4000N
(Stainless steel spokes have higher weight and strength is only 3000N)
- Aluminium Remerx hubs for Shimano,Sram 8,9,10 speed
- Aluminium nipples with large seating area
- CNC machined braking surface
- Colour Red hubs and spoke nipples with White spokes and rims
- Tubular 700c wheels
- Dimension 622x14
- Front 20 spokes weight 695g
- Rear 24 spokes, weight 890g (1585g a pair)