26” Tubular Al MTB Wheelset


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A stronger and more resistant aluminium wheelset with aluminium spokes installed directly into the hub with a special rim profile designed for tubular tires.

The Tubular wheels excel in low weight and competitive (unequalled) riding dynamics.

Thanks to a special tape, appling TUFO tubular tires, which the wheels have been optimized for, are easy to put on and repairing a puncture is a guestion of just a few minutes.Thanks to a special rim profile, these tubular wheels are more resistant to impact and puncture.

These wheels can be supplied in numerus colour variants(treatments).
Please email me for more colour options!


Aluminium spokes RX4500
Aluminium nipples with large seating area
Aluminium hubs with industrial bearings

Dimension: MTB 26”
Front 24 spokes, weight 744g
Rear 24 spokes, weight 811g
Weight of pair: 1555g