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The wheels are built from two different types of rim.
The front wheel is constructed with a lower peripheral weight and the rear wheel has a higher thickness of the supporting ridge that ideally transmits the traction power from hub to the rim. CNC braking surfaces provide(guarantee) continuous and effective braking.


- Aluminium Aero spokes RX 4500, strength over 4000N (Stainless steel spokes have higher weight and strength is only 3000N)
- Aluminium Remerx hubs for Shimano,Sram 8,9,10 speed
- Aluminium nipples with large seating area
- CNC machined braking surface
- Colour Red hubs and spoke nipples with Black spokes and rims
- Clincher 700c wheels
- Dimension 622x14
- Front 20 spokes weight 685g
- Rear 24 spokes, weight 880g (1565g a pair)