RTX Al Disc Tubular Wheels


RTX Al Disc Tubular Wheel Review
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Tough Durable and Versatile Tubular 6 bolt disc wheels.
Its lightweight, smoothness and sturdyness makes it perfect for Cyclocross and Road racing, or everyday riding.
Wheels possess high rigidity and a very attractive design.


- Aero Aluminium Remerx spokes RX4500 ensures maximum aerodynamic penetration.
- Oversized aluminium nipples with large contact surface which reduce the peripheral mass of the wheel to a minimum, thus increasing responsiveness.
- Rear Remerx Aluminium hub 135mm gives the wheels a high degree of lateral stiffness and reduces weight to minimum.
- With sealed cartridge bearings adding maximum smoothness and a long life performance.
- Front 24 spokes, weight 745g
- Rear 24 spokes, weight 850g
- Weight of pair 1595g

Shimano,Sram,Campagnolo Compatible