Sihel Cycling is the official distributor in the UK for Remerx wheels. We have extensive experience in top level racing, competing in races such as the World Championships and UCI category races all over the world and also working for many years within the cycling industry.

Remerx is well known in Europe as a top class racing wheel manufacturer with over 25 years experience in build racing wheels. Their wheels are used by one of the best Czech Republic UCI registered teams on all their bikes.

Wheels are the most stressed parts.
- Directly determines the properties of the whole bicycle and infuences the riders efficiency.
- They have to facilitate the transmission of power from the hub to the rim.
- This ability is influenced the most by durability (strength) of spokes, surface of heads and nipples.
- Differences in the transmission of tensile power are extensive, in the region of 3-8%.
- It is possible to achieve the best results with Aluminium spokes because their strength is about 4000 N and they have a large seating area.
- Stainless steel spokes have a higher weight, their strenght is only 3000 N and the critical point is head bending.
- Reduced stainless steel spokes have a lower weight but also a lower strength, small transmission surface and greatly elasticity.
- A balance of all the properties of the individual components, that is primarily the weight of rim, the strength of the spokes and the settling of the spokes in the hubs are the deciding factors for top wheels.